In 1992 Savatage vocalist Jon Oliva and guitarist Chris Caffery joined forces with King Diamond bassist Hal Patino and Lillian Axe/Dirty Looks drummer Gene Barnett, to record the original Doctor Butcher Demos. The band signed a deal with Gun Records in Germany in 1994. New drummer, Jon Osborn, joined the band to replace Barnett. The self titled debut CD was critically praised, and fans rejoiced. But the band only did a couple of live shows and kinda disappeared when Jon and Chris re-joined Savatage. Other members also featured during the bands short life span include Reno Rojas and Brian Gregory (both bass). In 2005 Black Lotus records re-released the CD.  There is also a lost Doctor Butcher song on the Chris Caffery solo CD. 'W.A.R.P.E.D.'. "Iraq Attack" was written by Jon and Chris during the first Gulf War.


  1. The Altar

  2. Don't Talk To Me

  3. Season Of The Witch

  4. Reach Out And Torment Someone

  5. Juice

  6. The Chair

  7. Innocent Victim

  8. The Picture's Wild

  9. Lost In The Dark

  10. I Hate, You Hate...We All Hate

  11. All For One, None For All

Line-up :
Jon "Geezer" Oliva: the voices, bass, additional keyboards
Christopher Caffery: the guitars, bass
Jon "Ozzy" Osborn: the drums

This is a great heavy metal album. No ballads, just riff after riff creating crunchy metal songs. Follows, I guess, the sound of old Savatage ala 'Power Of The Night' and 'Sirens'. Hope these guys can find the time to record some new material. There have been released a CD of demos and live-versions. I got my CD signed by Jon Oliva and Chris Caffery, when I met the in Germany. This was after a Savatage gig, so even Savatage drummer, Jeff Plate, signed it! Why on earth did he sign stuff he has nothing to do with?!!!!

Killer tracks: I Hate, You Hate...We All Hate, The Altar, The Chair, Don't Talk To Me

THE DEMOS!!! (1999) DRBD

  1. Freaks

  2. Born Of The Board

  3. Help! Police?

  4. The Chair

  5. Dismissal Of Faith

  6. The Altar

  7. Bridges

  8. Chester The Molester (Live)

  9. A Living Hell (Live)

Line-up :
Jon Oliva: the voices, additional keyboards
Christopher Caffery: the guitars

Hal Patino: the bass
Gene Barnett: the drums

Well, here it is. Looked "all over" for this one, and found it on Crook'd Records, on the net. This is a re-issue, so I have no idea how it originally looks, 'cause this cover stinks!. They even re-released Doctor Butcher's first disc, with almost the same cover (only the colors were different)!! In the end it's the music that counts. And the music rocks, off course! And there are plenty of songs that never made it to the album, so this is a real treat. Doctor Butcher live isn't that common either. Ex-King Diamond bassist Hal Patino appears on some tracks.

Killer tracks: Freaks, Born Of The Board


  1. The Altar
  2. Don't Talk To Me
  3. Season Of The Witch
  4. Reach Out And Torment Someone
  5. Juice
  6. The Chair
  7. Innocent Victim
  8. The Picture's Wild
  9. Lost In The Dark
  10. I Hate, You Hate, We All Hate!!!
  11. All For One... None For All


Jon Oliva - The Voices, Bass Guitars, Keyboards

Chris Caffery - The Guitars, Bass Guitars

Jon Osborn - The Drums

  1. Inspecter Highway
  2. Freaks
  3. Born Of The Board
  4. Help! Police?
  5. Bridges

Line-up track 1:

Jon Oliva - The Voices, Bass Guitars, Keyboards

Chris Caffery - The Guitars

Dave Z - The Bass

Jeff Plate - The Drums

Paul Morris - The Piano

Dave Eggar - The Strings

"Metal" Mike Chlasciak - The insane Guitar solo on the ride out!


Line-up track 2-5:

Jon Oliva: The Voices, Additional Keyboards
Christopher Caffery: The Guitars

Hal Patino: The Bass
Gene Barnett: The Drums

Doctor Butcher had one of the most intensive, yet unproductive careers ever! They only got to release 1 full-length album, and some demo tracks. Still everything they ever did are considered legendary today, and their self titled album has become quite the sought after item, even though it was re-released in 1999. So in 2005 the now defunct Black Lotus label reissued it once more, this time as a double disc, with bonus tracks, and remastered sound. There is even a never before recorded track called "Inspecter Highway" presented, that was recorded just for this re-release. Disc one features the bands debut album, whilst CD 2 concentrates on the new song, plus 4 bonus tracks picked from the original Doctor Butcher demos. Those of us who own the 'The Demos' CD already have these songs, but here they are remastered as well. Any fan of Jon Oliva should already be familiar with the music. This is the dirtiest, gritty and heavy stuff The Mountain King has ever recorded. But we also got to remember that Doctor Butcher is just as much Chris Caffery's baby, and as such we can certainly hear that this is Chris' music of choice too. Just check out the man's solo efforts, and it gets quite obvious. Songs like "The Altar", "Don't Talk To Me" and "Reach Out And torment" someone could easily fir on 'Faces' and/or 'W.A.R.P.E.D.' And I must say that I love this twisted piece of heavy metal. The hungry sound of a band that is playing their music of choice, without having to bother with record companies, diva members or controlling producers, is a breath of fresh air. And it's obvious that these guys gives it their all, and that they are having so much fun fun doin' so! There is nothing pretentious about these songs. This is pure, unadulterated heavy metal! My only complaint for this release must be that they didn't give us all of the songs from 'The Demos'. Since this is a double CD there should have been plenty of room to have all of Doctor Butcher's material documented for everyone to check out. The new track, recorded with a little help from their friends (such as Jeff Plate (Savatage, TSO, Metal Church) and "Metal" Mike Chlasciak (Testament, Halford, Cans etc.)), shows us what might have been if Doctor Butcher stayed together.

Jon Oliva guest appearances:

Seven Witches - 'Xiled To Infinity And One'

Rough Silk - Symphony Of Life

Circle II Circle - 'Watching In Silence' (as writer)

Chris Caffery - 'W.A.R.P.E.D.'
Chris Caffery - 'Pins And Needles' (as writer)

V/A - 'Metallic Assault - A Tribute To Metallica'

Avantasia - 'Angel of Babylon'


Chris Caffery guest appearances:

Doro - 'Fight'

Circle II Circle - 'Watching In Silence' (as writer)

Eidolon - 'The Parallel Otherworld'


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