Christian metal band from L.A. They originally started out as Fusion, back in 1982. They changed their name to Gardian, and released a demo. Soon they got signed to a major label, and the name changed to Guardian. Released a couple of metal records before changing style to a more rock/AOR direction. They have also released a bunch of albums with Portuguese lyrics. Similar to bands like Mass, Tempest, Stryper a.o.


  1. I'll Never Leave You

  2. Mystery Man

  3. Livin' For The Promise

  4. Miracle

  5. Saints Battalion

  6. Kingdom Of Rock

  7. Good Life

  8. One Of A Kind

  9. World Without Love

  10. Rock In Victory

  11. Hyperdrive

  12. Marching On


Paul Cawley - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Tony Palacios - Lead Guitar, Vocals

David Bach - Bass, Vocals

Rikk Hart - Drums


Aaahh, this record is from the days when white metal ruled!! Back then the Christian bands were just as good as the secular ones. 'First Watch' is an excellent melodic metal disc. Great hooks and great melodies. Produced by Stryper's Oz Fox, these guys set out to be the next big Christian metal band. They were signed to the same label as Stryper and Barren Cross (Enigma), and had all the right things going for them. It's a mystery to me why this band never got more attention in the secular scene.

Killer tracks: Mystery Man, Miracle, Saints Battalion, Hyperdrive, Marching On


  1. Power Of Love
  2. Send A Message
  3. Time Stands Still
  4. Forever And A Day
  5. Takin' Over The World
  6. Fire And Love
  7. Turnaround
  8. Time And Time Again
  9. The Rain
  10. Never Say Goodbye


Jamie Rowe - Lead Vocals

Tony Palacios - Guitar and Vocals

David Bach - Bass and Vocals

Karl Ney - Drums and Vocals

Guardian made a few changes in the line-up, and released their second effort. The biggest change was the arrival of new vocalist Jamie Rowe (ex-Tempest), who brought a rougher sound to Guardian. It's hard to describe, but with producers John and Dino Elefante (from Mastedon and owners of Pakaderm) Guardian got a more commercial sound. The band sound more hard-rock oriented, than melodic metal, but still with a more polished sound. I like this album, but prefer 'First Watch'. Maybe it's nostalgia? The thing is, that while the album is evenly good throughout the whole record, there are no songs that make me go: "WOW!!". Still, it's an excellent album, which ought to go down well with any pop-metal/hair-metal/hard-rock/metal lover!

Killer tracks: None of them stick out, but all are very good songs!


  1. Dr. Jones & The Kings Of Rhythm
  2. Shoeshine Johnny
  3. Long Way Home
  4. I Found Love
  5. Sweet Mystery
  6. Let It Roll
  7. Mr. Do Wrong
  8. Curiosity Killed The Cat
  9. Sister Wisdom
  10. The Captain
  11. You & I
  12. Do You Know What Love Is


Jamie Rowe - Lead Vocals

Tony Palacios - Guitar and Vocals

David Bach - Bass and Vocals

Karl Ney - Drums and Vocals


Guardian's 3rd release, picks up where the second one left off. They go even further away from their metal roots, but it's still a very good melodic hard-rock album. Try to picture a cross between Mötley Crüe and Guns n' Roses, and add a little boogie or funk. The Elefante brothers have produced this one as well, and these 2 albums (the previous one and this) sound very much alike.

Killer tracks: I Found Love, Sweet Mystery


  1. The Way Back Home
  2. Endless Summer
  3. C'mon Everyone
  4. Like The Sun
  5. Rich Man Over The Line
  6. Your Love
  7. Don't Say That It's Over
  8. See You In Heaven
  9. Let The Whole World
  10. Preacher And The Bear
  11. Still On My Mind
  12. Why Don't We


Jamie Rowe - Lead Vocals

Tony Palacios - Guitar and Vocals

David Bach - Bass and Vocals

Karl Ney - Drums and Vocals


And then the s**t hit the fan! Crap all over the place!!!!!! Sorry for the bad language, but this just stinks! I thought this was a bit more to my liking, being the middle album between one I like, and one that starts off OK. But there is only one OK track on this album. After listening to the whole album I can't even remember what song it was. I don't think I'll bother to listen to it again to find it out either. At least not in a while. Now I can see why this band never took the step into the secular mainstream, they just aren't good enough!

August, 2010: Yeah, I really hated this album when I first bought it. Perhaps I've become more tolerant over the years, or maybe we can chalk it up to growing up, but when I listen to this album today, I can't understand the total hate I used to have for it. Sure, this is a total change in style, and the band should quite frankly have changed their name after 'Miracle Mile', but that doesn't make this a bad record nonetheless. It's just totally different from what we'd hoped for after 3 solid hard rock/metal albums.

Musically Guardian totally tones it down here. This is semi-acoustic rock music, and I guess this was the latest trend in the CCM scene back in 1994. What makes this album worth wile though, is the excellent musicianship and songwriting. Jamie and Tony are the stars here, both perhaps delivering their career best. It's refreshing to hear a band whom clearly doesn't take themselves too seriously, and just sets out to have fun, and record what they feel like, instead of doin' what is expected from them. And fun is what they must have had when they recorded the New Orleans jazzy, "Preacher And The Bear"! I also love how the bands Christian stance really shines in all of the lyrics.

Now, this will never be a personal favorite of mine. But it might get a lot more play now that I don't have all the animosity towards it any longer. Thanks to Arttie for getting me this disc.

Killer tracks: C'mon Everyone, Like The Sun, See You In Heaven, Let The Whole World, Still On My Mind


  1. This Old Man
  2. Lead The Way
  3. State Of Mine
  4. The Lions Den
  5. Are You Gonna Keep Your Word?
  6. One Thing Left To Do
  7. Hands Of The Father
  8. Psychedelic Runaway
  9. Even It Out
  10. Lift Me Up
  11. Shorty
  12. Lullaby
  13. Them Nails


Jamie Rowe - Lead Vocals

Tony Palacios - Guitar and Vocals

David Bach - Bass and Vocals

Karl Ney - Drums and Vocals


Now this band have really changed style. The metal is all gone, and we get a melodic rock album. It's their 5th album, and the line-up is still consistent. I actually were a bit surprised at first, because the first songs are pretty good. Not as good as anything released prior to it, but still some decent songs. But after 4 songs, it all goes downhill. It gets boring, as every song sounds the same. So all in all, not their worst, but not at all their best. "Lead The Way" is an awesome tune. Worse things were to follow, though, so read on!

A cool thing about this disc, is the cover. It folds out, and you can actually choose one of 4 pictures to be the main-cover, depending on how you fold it back. All the pictures show something that is linked to the title.

Killer tracks: Lead The Way, The Lions Den

KINGDOM OF ROCK 1982-1989 (1996) G-MAN

  1. Kingdom Of Rock
  2. Mystery Man
  3. I'll Never Leave You
  4. Miracle
  5. Rock In Victory
  6. Saint's Battalion
  7. Spiritual Warfare
  8. Marching On
  9. Hyperdrive
  10. Voyager

This is an interesting compilation album. It is sort of a best-of pre-Jamie Rowe era Guardian release. Included are 6 tracks from their first album, 2 tracks from the 'California Metal' compilation, 1 demo track, and 1 track from the old days when the band was called Fusion. Combined with liner-notes by founding member David Bach, and vintage footage, this CD is actually rather entertaining. It's a riot seeing photos from the bands early days, with stage costumes that remind me of the Power Rangers!! Space metal indeed! 


  1. Are We Feeling Comfortable Yet?

  2. Bottle Rocket

  3. Coffee Can

  4. Revelation

  5. What Does It Take?

  6. Babble On

  7. Blue Light Special

  8. Break Me Down

  9. The Water's Fine

  10. My Queen Esther

  11. Hell To Pay

  12. Fear The Auctioneer

  13. Harder Than It Seems

  14. Salvation


Jamie Rowe - Vocals

Tony Palacios - Guitar

David Bach - Bass

Karl Ney - Drums

This is actually the crappiest album I own! Nothing reminds me of the Guardian I knew from the late 80's. It's only a bad attempt to sound like the pick-of-the-month rock group that year. The only reason I hold on to it is that I'm a maniac collector, and the fact that it only cost me about $1. Stay clear of it!! The only positive thing about it, is that the line-up is consistent!

Killer tracks: ???!!!


  1. Loud N Clear
  2. From Wrong To Right
  3. You Know What To Do
  4. C'mon Rock
  5. You Won't Be Lonely
  6. Loving You


Jamie Rowe = Michael Sweet - Vocals 

Tony Palacios = Oz Fox - Guitar

David Bach = Tim Gaines - Bass

Karl Ney = Robert Sweet - Drums

After releasing some really terrible albums, Guardian suddenly gets a brilliant idea. They decide to re-record the classic debut mini-album from Stryper, originally called 'The Yellow And Black Attack'. Everything from the cover-art to the funny band-photo on the back of the trey-card, is done as a tribute to the best known white metal band ever. And what a covers album this has become! All of the songs are done justice, and I had to put the original Stryper album on right after hearing 'The Yellow And Black Attack Is Back' for the first time, just to compare. Sure it isn't Michael's smooth vocals here, but Jamie is really doing a good job. And Tony Palacios does a great job on the six-stringer as well. All in all I find this to be one of Guardian's best moment, and one heck of a killer tribute album!


  1. Instrumental Intro
  2. Voyager
  3. Across The Universe
  4. Run To The Light
  5. In A Word Without Love
  6. I Am Here
  7. Prisoners Zone
  8. Look To The Future
  9. Hyperdrive
  10. When The Time Is Right
  11. Marching On
  12. Spiritual Warfare
  13. Miracle Of The Galaxy
  14. Living For The Promise
  15. Eclipse
  16. Rock In Victory
  17. Step To The Light
  18. Armored Defense
  19. Your Love Looks To The Future


Paul Cawley - Lead Vocals, Guitar

David Bach - Bass, Synthesizers

Rikk Hart - Drums

James Isham - Lead Guitar

David Caro - Lead Guitar

Tony Palacios - Lead Guitar

Another collection of pre-album material from our favorite space metal band. All of the tracks on this M8 compilation are from when the band was called either Fusion or Gardian. So expect no well-produced material. This is of course a curiosity for the fans rather then anything to use to check this band out. I find the album quite entertaining, and I certainly prefer this to the latter albums of modern rock that these guys have released. I just wish that the liner notes provided would be a little more specific as to where these tracks were picked from. It would also have been nice if the tracks were in chronological order. All we get to know now is that some of the songs are from the 1984 six song EP entitled 'Rock In Victory', recorded when they were known as Fusion. But we don't know how many songs are here from that release. We also get to know that other tracks are from the 1987 release called 'Voyager', but again no mention of how many tracks, or which tracks they are. One interesting thing is that the never before release song "I Am Here" features Tony Palacios on vocals! Also worth noticing is that some of the songs that eventually ended up on their 'First Watch' album, are featured here in other versions. Just check out "Miracle Of The Galaxy" (later renamed "Miracle"). The lyrics are pretty different.


  1. Lead The Way
  2. Psychedelic Runaway
  3. Shoeshine Johnny
  4. Curiosity Killed The Cat
  5. Bottle Rocket
  6. Salvation
  7. The Rain
  8. Power Of Love
  9. Encore - speech
  10. This Old Man
  11. Never Say Good Bye


Jamie Rowe - Vocals 

Tony Palacios - Guitar

David Bach - Bass

Karl Ney - Drums

'80's Metal Retro Night' was the theme for this Cornerstone event. The idea was to bring some of the biggest names from the 80's Christian metal scene back on stage for one night of nostalgia and a good time. So I think people were hoping for a full-on retro night. But one of the bands that didn't deliver just that was Guardian. The fact that their first album got totally ignored, and the fact that they played stuff like "Bottle Rocket", was more than a little disappointing. But that said, this is still a decent live recording that represents the band Guardian well. The sound is decent, and the band sounds alive. The song selection is not all bad, with at least some of my favorite songs included. I also renewed my interest in a song like "Psychedelic Runaway". Still, my favorites on this CD are the ballads "The Rain" and "Never Say Good Bye".

Guardian also appear on:  

V/A - 'California Metal' (as Gardian)

V/A - 'Classic Metal'

V/A - 'Ultimate Metal'


 Jamie Rowe guest appearances:

Scott Wenzel - 'Film At Eleven'

Liberty N' Justice - 'Soundtrack Of A Soul'

Liberty N' Justice - 'Independence Day'

Liberty N' Justice - '4 All: The Best Of LNJ'

Liberty 'N' Justice - 'Hell Is Coming To Breakfast'

Liberty N' Justice - 'The Cigar Chronicles Volume 1& 2'


Tony Palacios guest appearances:

Mastedon - 'Lofcaudio'

Liberty 'N' Justice - 'Chasing A Cure'


Karl Ney guest appearances:

Tony Palacios - 'Epic Tales Of Whoa!'


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