M.O.D.- Method Of Destruction is a metal/hardcore crossover band from New York City, fronted by S.O.D.- Stormtroopers Of Death vocalist Billy Milano. M.O.D. mix shades of hardcore punk with thrash metal, humorous and politically incorrect lyrics.


  1. Aren't You Hungry
  2. Get A Real Job
  3. I Executioner
  4. Don't Feed The Bears
  5. Ballad Of Dio
  6. Thrash Or Be Thrashed
  7. Let Me Out
  8. Bubble Butt
  9. You're Beat
  10. Bushwackateas
  11. Man Of Your Dreams
  12. That Noise
  13. Dead Men/Most/Captain Crunch
  14. Jim Gordon
  15. Imported Society
  16. Spandex Enormity
  17. Short But Sweet
  18. Parents
  19. Confusion/You're X'ed
  20. A.I.D.S.
  21. Ruptured Nuptuals
  22. Ode To Harry
  23. Hate Tank


Billy Milano - Vocals

Tim McMurtrie - Guitars

Keith Davis - Drums

Ken Ballone - Bass


Scott Ian - Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Bitching mothers voice

Alex Perialas - Slut voice

After the success, yet discontinuance, of the Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D.) project, Billy Milano scraped together his own crossover posse. Method Of Destruction (M.O.D.) released their debut album, 'U.S.A. For M.O.D.', via Megaforce Records in 1987. The album was co-produced by fellow stormtrooper, Scott Ian (Anthrax), while the Megaforce Records-couple, Jon and Marsha Zazula, were executive producers.

Musically this is a direct continuation of the S.O.D. style. The songs are short or shorter, blending punk and hardcore with thrash. M.O.D. might lack the unique feeling S.O.D. brought to the table, being the first band to gain any kind of exposure outside the underground. However, M.O.D. is still the real deal, and not a copy-cat band. This kind of music is all about attitude, and Billy Milano is the epitome of crossover, in my opinion. The politically incorrect lyrics are very funny, more often than not. Some might call them immature, but if you can't laugh at songs like "Spandex Enormity" or "Bubble Butt", than chances are you have little to no sense of humor. Besides, anyone who have caught these guys live, or on TV, know they don't take themselves too seriously. If you can't handle it, then chances are these songs are about you! It's all about having fun, and screwing the society at large.

'U.S.A. For M.O.D.' is a landmark album in it's genre, and probably one of the few albums that can rival 'Speak English Or Die' in relevance. The CD version has 1 track not on the original vinyl version, namely "Confusion/X'ed". The latter song in this "medley" is a cover of a The Faith tune.

Killer tracks: Aren't You Hungry, Get A Real Job, Don't Feed The Bears, Thrash Or Be Thrashed, Bubble Butt, Spandex Enormity, Short But Sweet, A.I.D.S.


  1. No Hope
  2. No Glove No Love
  3. True Colors
  4. Accident Scene
  5. Godzula
  6. E Factor
  7. Gross Misconduct
  8. Satan's Cronies
  9. In The City
  10. Come As You Are
  11. Vents
  12. Theme
  13. P.B.M.
  14. The Ride
  15. Dark Knight


Billy Milano - Vocals

John Monte - Bass

Louie Svitek - Guitar

Tim Mallare - Drums


2 years after M.O.D.'s seminal debut album, Billy Milano returns with a completely new posse. Like the debut the bands second album, entitled 'Gross Misconduct', was also released through Megaforce Records.

Musically the band continues down the same thrash/crossover path. The riffs are tighter, and the production is also "cleaned up" a bit. I find that 'Gross Misconduct' is a bit more focused than the debut. It certainly offers more "real" songs, and only 1 ultra-short track. The humor might not be as upfront here as on the debut either, but it is still very much there. Lyrically M.O.D. is all over the place, singing about anything relevant in their lives, like Batman, women, record companies and life in the band. They also comment on more serious topics, like drinking and driving, safe sex, substance abuse and even Devil worship!

'Gross Misconduct' is another fine crossover album, and sports one of the most iconic front covers in it's genre. Drummer, Tim Mallare, would later on hook up with Overkill. "In The City" is a The Fear cover.

Killer tracks: No Hope, No Glove No Love, True Colors, Godzula, Satan's Cronies, In The City, Theme, Dark Knight


  1. Dictated Aggression
  2. Silence Your Sin
  3. Damaged
  4. Shot Glass
  5. Stand Or Fall
  6. One Was Johnny
  7. Empty Visions
  8. In My Shoes
  9. Just Been Fired
  10. Whiteout
  11. US Dreams
  12. Brutal Beats


Billy Milano - Vocals, Bass, Rhythm Guitar

Joe Young - Guitar

Dave Chavarri - Drums

original artwork

Originally released on Futurist Records, and distributed through Music For Nations in 1996, 'Dictated Aggression' is M.O.D.'s 5th full-length album. The ever evolving line-up door sees 2 members out, replaced by only 1, namely new guitarist Joe Young.

'Dictated Aggression' is Billy's own favorite M.O.D. record. Musically this is the same punk-fused thrash most people refer to as crossover. However, I find the album to be a lot more groove-centered than what I was expecting. "Silence You Sin" is an example of songwriting more akin to the time-typical "modern" metal that was so popular during the mid-90's. And that is not the only example on the album. Still, the brother part of the songs are firmly rooted in the punk meets thrash school of metal. The CD ends with another "flirt" with trends, namely a brutal rap-metal effort. Now, to say that this is done to cater to the nu-metal crowd is dead wrong! Yes, this style was hugely popular at the time, but crossover music was always about mixing genres, and rap/metal  was done successfully very early on by Billy's old chumps in Anthrax. Besides, M.O.D.'s rap/metal song has more in common with "real" rap, than the hybrid nature of your Linkin Park's and/or Limp Bizkit. Billy shouted vocals are more aggressive this time around, and the lyrics are more politically laden than ever, and that is saying a lot when it comes to this band! On the flipside, the humor is not as present as usual. 'Dictated Aggression' is first and foremost a solid M.O.D. record. And fans of the crossover genre could do worse than checking it out.

I own the 2004 reissue of 'Dictated Aggression'. It comes with new artwork and enhanced bonus features. This means a live video from France 1993. This CD holds part 2 of the video. Part 1 was put on the reissue of 'Devolution'.

Killer tracks: Dictated Aggression, Silence Your Sin, Shot Glass, Stand Or Fall, One Was Johnny, In My Shoes, Whiteout

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