American heavy metal band. Formed by King Fowley (Deceased) in 1995. Released their first demo in 1996, and has continued to carry the torch for classic HEAVY METAL ever since. Past & present members can also be found in Overlord, Oracle, K-Octave and the mentioned Deceased.


  1. The Warlock
  2. Salem's Curse
  3. The Fire Awaits You
  4. Prelude/Lost City
  5. Voyage To Infinity
  6. Day Of The Saxons
  7. Vindication - instrumental
  8. A Million Goodbyes


Jim Hunter - Bass

King Fowley - Vocals, Drums, Keyboards

Brian Williams - All Guitars

October 31 is as close to the blueprint for US heavy metal as you can get. 'The Fire Awaits You' was the bands first full-length album. And although it sort of lacks in the production area (mainly the levels are way to low), the music more then makes up for it! This is no frills Heavy Metal, with capital H and M! But you can already hear some thrash metal influences here and there, as well as some softer moments. All delivered with a punk attitude. You almost feel like this is a live recording and that you have the band playing in front of you. King Fowley has a unique vocal-style that you either love or hate, I guess. I for one really like it. It adds to the charm of an already underground feeling of the entire band. With titles like "The Warlock", "Salem's Curse" and "The Fire Awaits You" the band leans more than a little towards the horror/fiction section of the lyrical approach. A satisfactory beginning from a band that had even greater things to come. "Day Of The Saxons" is an obscure cover of the Canadian band,  Witchkiller.

Killer tracks: The Warlock, Salem's Curse, The Fire Awaits You, Lost City


CD1: Meet Thy Maker
  1. Meet Thy Maker
  2. Just An Illusion
  3. For There Is War!
  4. Far From Danger Now
  5. Power And The Glory
  6. The Verdict
  7. Behind The Castle Walls

CD2: Visions Of The End + Voyage To Infinity + 1

  1. Visions Of The End
  2. The Chosen One
  3. Servants And Slaves
  4. Give 'em The Axe
  5. The Legend Of The Haunted Sea
  6. Voyage To Infinity
  7. The Fire Awaits You
  8. Child Of The Damned
  9. When Darkness Covers The Sun
  10. Harder Than Steel


King Fowley: Drums

Brian "Hellstorm" Williams: Guitar

Tony Taylor: Vocals

Scott Waldrop: Rhythm Guitar

Jim Hunter: Bass


Covers of the Demos included on the bonus-disc

You're probably familiar with the band Helloween. Maybe you even heard of the band Halloween. Now it's time for another all hallows eve band, OCTOBER 31! These guys live and breathe heavy metal. And this is one incredible 80's metal album!! Excellent stuff, that just takes you back to the glory days of Heavy Metal. The production is maybe not up to snuff, but the music is top notch. I was lucky enough to score this limited edition double disc, in a trade. It also contains their 'Visions Of The End' mini-album, + 5 demo tracks (4 from their 'Voyage To Infinity' demo, and 1 never before released). A killer package! "Power And The Glory" is a Saxon cover. I recognized the track, but couldn't figure out who played it originally. Then I read another review of this album, and it hit me. "Child Of The Damned" is a Warlord cover, probably even more known through Hammerfall, who also covered it.

Killer tracks: Meet Thy Maker, For There Is War!, Behind The Castle Walls


  1. Powerhouse
  2. River Rat
  3. Commit To Sin
  4. No Survivors
  5. What Waits Beyond
  6. Back Alley Murders
  7. Wrecking Crew
  8. Misfortune


King Fowley - Vocals
Jason Tedder - Rhythm/Acoustic Guitars
Brian "Hellstorm" Williams - Lead Guitar
Jim Hunter - Bass
Dave "Scarface" Castillo - Drums

There is no stopping October 31 it seems. So with King Fowley now on vocals, here is another studio album from this legendary metal outfit. The music is basically the same, but now they are even more in-your-face! Borderline speed metal and certainly with plenty of thrash metal, this time they sound filthier, dirtier and more aggressive then ever. But first and foremost, they create memorable songs. "Powerhouse" and "Commit to Sin" are just 2 tracks that will stick to your brain like glue. Also look out for a cover of Overkill's "Wrecking Crew". Long live true metal!

Killer tracks: Powerhouse, Commit to Sin, No Survivors

Shawn Pelata guest appearances:

Liberty N' Justice - 'Independence Day'

Liberty N' Justice - '4 All: The Best Of LNJ' (as writer)

Liberty N' Justice - 'Light It Up' (also as writer)


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