Prowler was formed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2010. They mix heavy/thrash metal and horror themed lyrics into a blend of their own. After releasing 4 independent EP 's in 2011/2012, the band signed with Slaney Records to release their first full length album, released on January 1, 2013.


  1. The Dead Rise Again
  2. Friday The 13th
  3. Say Hello To The Nite
  4. What's Your Pleasure
  5. The Stalker
  6. Knives For Fingers
  7. Haddonfield
  8. The Tall Man
  9. Book Of The Dead


Jak Sumwalt - Drums

Shawn Bruce - Bass, Samples, Backing Vocals

Patrick Best - Vocals, Guitar

Definitely not the most originally named metal band around ( a quick search on Metal Archives reveals 12 other bands using the same name, 4 of which are also from the US), South Carolina's Prowler still manage to make the name work in their advantage. I, for one, am not familiar with any of the other Prowler's out there, but became immediately intrigued when I saw the artwork for the 4 EP's this band released themselves in 2011 and 2012. Luckily Slaney Records also picked up on this, and collected all the 8 songs off of the EP's, added a brand new tune, and released Prowler's debut full length in 2013, entitled 'After You'.

What initially caught my eye regarding this band was the full on connection to classic horror movies, so much so that their initial 4 part EP series included cover art directly picked from the movies each of the songs represented. Being an avid horror movie collector myself growing up, I found it really cool that Prowler wrote songs inspired by some of my favorites, including 'Friday The 13th', 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' and 'Phantasm'. Upon hearing these songs I was so pleasantly surprised when the music portrayed the lyrics really well also. Heck, they even add sound clips from the movies in each song as well. And check out how they incorporate the theme from 'The Lost Boys' in the song "Say Hello To The Nite" and 'Halloween' in "Haddonfield".

Prowler music is a hybrid of thrash metal and power metal, not unlike what some of the early purveyors of the genre made. Songs like "The Dead Rise Again" (about 'Night of the Living Dead') sports fast paced riffing that isn't all speed for speed's sake, but rather one key element added to the heavy metal base. Think of what bands like Anvil and Raven did in their early years. Other tracks, like "Friday The 13th" (guess what movie that song is about) is more mid paced, thundering heavy metal. The aforementioned "Say Hello To The Nite" is a mix of both. The songs are also pretty varied within themselves, creating a link to the NWOBHM era as well.

Prowler, to me, manage to create something fresh by doing things a little old school. The new wave of thrash metal is becoming stale pretty quick, so Prowler is a welcome addition, not doing the same "we-want-to-be-Exodus-anno-1986" as so many of the others seems to be going for. Of course, what horror movie buff can resist songs about 'Halloween' ("Haddonfield"), 'Hellraiser' ("What's Your Pleasure") or 'The Evil Dead' ("Book Of The Dead")? This is definitely a strong contestant as best newcomer of 2013!

Killer tracks: The Dead Rise Again, Friday The 13th, Say Hello To The Nite, What's Your Pleasure, Haddonfield, The Tall Man