Progressive metal band from Albuquerque, NM formed in 1992 by singer Gregory Analla (ex-No Mercy) and guitarist Dan Rivera. They were joined by drummer Richard Nance, also a New Mexico native. The line-up was completed by bass player Glenn Krause, and in 1993 they recorded their first 6 song demo-EP, called 'Blueprint. The band then went on to play countless shows, making a name for themselves, opening for acts such as Slaughter, Winger, Extreme and Queensr˙che. Finally they landed a record deal with the Japanese Alfa label. And with the help of  producer George Tutko they recorded their debut album, 'Perpetualdestiny'. It was released in 1994, and featured Rich Evans as a replacement for Glen Krause. On the following tour Tom Michaels (Ultimatum) replaced Rich as the bands bass player. SevenThsign proceeded to release their second album, 'Millennium', in Japan. It was later in 1997 reissued in the US, with the new title 'Transparent'. Unfortunately they split up the very same year. Greg Analla joined Roy Z's Band Of Gypsies, and has sang back-up on some of the projects Roy Z has produces, including albums by Rob Rock and Bruce Dickinson. Tom Michaels rejoined Ultimatum.


  1. Aurora
  2. Losing You
  3. Red Sea
  4. Cut
  5. Beholder
  6. Dark Heart
  7. Hollow Point
  8. Existence
  9. Tearing Away
  10. Biocide
  11. Tear
  12. Liquified (bonus track)


Dan Rivera - Guitars

Richard Nance - Drums

Rich "Rev" Evans - Bass

Gregory Analla - Voices

The No Life 'til Metal website has given me hours and hours of reading pleasure. It is responsible for me discovering so many bands, I've stopped counting! New Mexico's SevenThsign is such a band. The fact that their line-up consisted of one time Ultimatum bass-player, Tom Michaels, only improved my interest for them.

SevenThsign is a progressive metal band. And with that term comes the inevitable Dream Theater comparisons. Now I usually never agree when a band is automatically liked to Dream Theater, just because hey belong to the same musical genre. However, when it comes to SevenThsigh, is is all so true. I'm not a musician, so I won't comment too much on musical skills of SevenThsign vs. Dream Theater. But both bands are easily compared, that is for sure. Gregg Analla has the same smooth, high pitched voice as James LaBrie. Then again, he also reminds me, at times, of Shawn Pelata (Line Of Fire, Oracle). The music also resembles mid-era Fates Warning, and perhaps 'Empire'-era Queensr˙che. I would not call SevenThsign a clone band though. They can clearly hold their own towards any other band. And the music on 'Perpetualdestiny' shows a band that had something vital to bring to the table. SevenThsign put the melody in focus, and it's the memorability of the compositions that is most important. Sure, all of these musicians are highly capable players. Dan Rivera can play rings around most, and I applaud any guitar player that play heartfelt, rather then forcing out 1 billion notes scales, just to show off. Bringing in influences from jazz and blues, leveling out a balance between soft and hard, keeping it dynamic and interesting, 'Perpetualdestiny' has everything a solid progressive metal album should. The whole atmosphere of the album appeals to me. 'Losing You' and 'Red Sea' are favorites of mine, with Gregg's soaring veil just piercing through the air. Although the album looses my interest some towards the end, I'd still say that this might just be one of the best progressive metal albums you've never heard.

'Perpetualdestiny' was originally released through the Japanese Alfa label in 1994. But in 1996 InsideOut and SPV reissued it for an American and European release. I have this version of the CD, which comes with a bonus track.

Killer tracks: Aurora, Losing You, Red Sea, Beholder, Existence

Gregg Analla guest appearances:

Rob Rock - 'Rage Of Creation'


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