American punk/thrash metal band!


  1. Torn Flesh (Crux Of The Mosh)
  2. End The Fight
  3. World Pollution
  4. Dead To The World
  5. Fire Escape
  6. Happy Birthday
  7. Kill The Dead
  8. Gay Rights?
  9. Man's Best Friend
  10. Innocent Eyes
  11. Hollywood Heaven
  12. The Ultimate Finale


Greg Hudson - Lead and Backing Vocals

Aaron Brown - Guitars, Backing Vocals

Jayson Matthews - Guitars, Backing Vocals

Mike Holbrook - Bass, Backing Vocals

Jim Brown - Drums, Backing Vocals

Considered by many as the worst Christian metal release ever. And to be truthful, I can see why. This band had a lousy singer, horrible production, and musicians who sound like they just picked up their instruments a few days ago! And to top it off, the lyrics are pretty lame too. But despite all this, I still find this album to have a certain charm. I can't explain it really, but some of the songs sound catchy in my ear. I bought it as a new release on cassette, but have since then upgraded it to CD. That was a much more difficult task than I first would have imagined. Considering the bad rap this CD gets, you would have thought that people would let you have it for free. But the CD is quite hard to get a hold of, so I guess most people just tossed it in the trash! Torn Flesh mix together what can be considered as thrash metal, with a punk attitude. They can be compared to another Christian act, called One Bad Pig

Killer tracks: Torn Flesh (Crux Of The Mosh), Gay Rights?

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