Vincent John Cusano aka Vinnie Vincent got his break taking over for Ace Frehley in KISS. But he soon found himself out of that legendary band, due to ego-problems. He then formed his own band. After only 2 albums, the rest of the band quit (due to Vinnie's ego-problems!), and they formed Slaughter. Vinnie has been struggling to get together a proper project ever since.


  1. Boyz Are Gonna Rock
  2. Shoot U Full Of Love
  3. No Substitute
  4. Animal
  5. Twisted
  6. Do You Wanna Make Love
  7. Back On The Streets
  8. I Wanna Be your Victim
  9. Baby-O
  10. Invasion


Vinnie Vincent - Guitars, Background Vocals, Duet on 7

Robert Fleischman - Lead Vocals

Dana Strum - Bass, Vocals

Bobby Rock - Drums

Fresh out of Kiss, Vinnie Vincent established a new band, and signed a record contract. 2 years later this album was released. I'm not sure if it should be seen as a solo album, or a band effort, because the star here is of course Vinnie himself. The opening "Boyz Are Gonna Rock" became a hit, and an MTV favorite back in 1986 (remember when metal was actually put on the regular play lists on MTV?). It pretty much sets the standard on the album right away. This is so-called hair metal, complete with helium infested vocals (courtesy of ex-Journey vocalist, Robert Fleischman) and Vinnie's trademark blistering guitar leads. The music, and the image, is so over-the-top it is downright outrageous! But that is what usually works in the music business. That is what gets noticed. And you can talk all days about the person Vinnie Vincent, but nothing can take away his ability to make an electric guitar sound like it's on fire! This self titled debut is a little uneven, but the stand out cuts are phenomenal! It's so easy to hear who is the main man behind the music, but don't expect it to sound that much like the work he did with Kiss.

Killer tracks: Boyz Are Gonna Rock, No Substitute, Animal, Back On The Streets, Baby-O


  1. Ashes To Ashes
  2. Dirty Rhythm
  3. Love Kills
  4. Naughty Naughty
  5. Burn
  6. Star Spangled Banner - instrumental
  7. Let Freedom Rock
  8. That Time Of Year
  9. Heavy Pettin
  10. Ecstasy
  11. Deeper And Deeper
  12. Breakout - instrumental drum solo
  13. The Meltdown - instrumental
  14. "Ya Know" - I'm Pretty Shot - acoustic instrumental


Vinnie Vincent - Guitars, Vocals

Mark Slaughter - The Voice

Dana Strum - Bass, Vocals

Bobby Rock - Drums

'All Systems Go' was the second, and last, album by Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Vinnie's ego problems were once again causing those around him to walk away. It's a shame though, because the man has such a talent, both as a guitar-player and as a songwriter. Of course it helped a lot that hair-metal was a huge thing back in 1988. And that is what these guys did the best. Mark Slaughter has this helium injected voice, the guitars are blazing, and every song is about women or partying, or both! Stereotypical, yes, but who cares when it's done with conviction? Too bad all the hairspray kind off ruined the ozon-layer though. LOL

Killer tracks: Love Kills, Let Freedom Rock, Ecstasy

GUITAR'S FROM HELL (1987 - 1991) Bootleg (CDR)

  1. Rocks On Fire
  2. Nuke It
  3. Shocker
  4. Invinvible
  5. Truth
  6. Full Shred
  7. Wild Child
  8. Youngblood


Vinnie Vincent Guitars
Robert Fleischman Lead Vocals
Andre LaBelle - Drums

Chris Lee - Bass (unconfirmed)

Jeff Scott Soto - lead vocals on 8
Jimmy Waldo - keyboards on 8


After the 'All Systems Go' line-up broke up, Vinnie once again teamed up with Robert Fleischman and some other new players, to record a follow up. He signed a deal with Enigma Records, and 'Guitars From Hell' was first demoed, and then properly recorded. Unfortunately Enigma Records went bankrupt shortly after, so the album never saw the final release. Several bootlegs have appeared over the years though, and I think in total 10 tracks have appeared from these recordings. This CDR bootleg includes 7 of them, plus the track "Youngblood", with Jeff Scott Soto on vocals. But the 7 first tracks are from the 3rd albums demo-recordings. The overall sound is not very good. It sounds like it was recorded from a boom box! The songs are typical Vinnie Vincent Invasion material, and would have been a worthy follow-up to the previous albums. "Invincible" f.ex. is one of the strongest ballads ever from this band. This demo includes several errors. The title ('Guitars From Hell') is spelled wrong, the song "Full Shredd" is spelled wrong, the song "Youngblood" is actually called "Young Blood, Young Fire". Tracks 1 - 7 are recorded in between 1989 and 1991, while track 8 is most likely recorded in 1987.

Mark Slaughter guest appearances:

V/A - 'Bat Head Soup - Tribute To Ozzy'



KISS, Nitro